Monday, September 30, 2013

September 29, 1939: ALLYS REJECT PEACE:

Hitler and Stalin Warn of Intensified War Unless
Democracies Give Up Fighting And
Recognize Dictators' Victory

Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia re-drew the map of Eastern Europe today and offered it to the Allied powers as a basis for peace or for war on an unprecedented scale.
Great Britain immediately but unofficially rejected the . proposal as an attempt to frighten Europe with "the Communist bugaboo.'' They professed to see grounds for future disagreement between Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin and were expected to state formally that the war against Nazism would be fought to a finish.
The agreement between Germany and Russia was an overnight documentary transformation of Europe's political balance. Its implications were tremendous. Whether the blows struck diplomatically and strategically at the Allied front would change the attitude of Great Britain and France could not be definitely known pending further developments, but all indications were that they would—by necessity as well as by inclination—stand by their past declarations that the war would not end until Hitlerism is crushed.


By United Press
MOSCOW, Sept. 29.—Communist Russia and Nazi Germany concluded agreements today to partition Poland permanently, to attempt to end the war now and to- consult on "necessary measures" if the attempt fails.

The implicit threat was held plainly over Great Britain and France that" if they refused to recognize the annihilation of the Polish state and stop the war, Russia- would throw her 160,000,000 citizens into the war in alliance with Germany's 80,000,000.

Premier-Foreign ' Commissar Viacheslav Molotov and German Foreign Minister Joachim Von Ribintrop reached the agreements in an all-night conference which started shortly after midnight.


President Says Nation
A c t i o n s on Peace
Basis Alone

International News Service.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 29.—President Roosevelt still remained silent on the third term issue today. He laughingly declined to discuss a suggestion of former Governor Landon, his G. O. P. opponent in the 1936 election, that he renounce a third term as a contribution to national unity in the world emergency.
By United Press WASHINGTON, Sept. 29. —
President Roosevelt today reiterated his conviction that the United States will be able to stay out of the war in Europe.

Occupation by G e r m a n s Set
For Oct. 2 As City
Admits Defeat


50 German Villages Taken
By Poilus So Far On
Western Front

By United Press .', ' .,
PARIS, Sept. 29.—French .;.troops advanced about a mile along a. five mile front in the Moselle Valley, an official dispatch .said today. ('The dispatch said the French had' captured 50 German villages so far;

The advance in the Moselle Valley was in the sector adjacent to Perlear the Luxembourg line, officials said.


By United Press
LONDON, Sept 29.—British  Royal Air Force planes attacked German warships off Helgoland, the Ministry of Information announced, today and "some of the planes have not returned," to their bases.

The ministry said that the planes were met with "formidable" antiaircraft fire but they pressed home their attack "at a low altitude."

The ministry did not state –whether any German ships were hit or damaged.



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