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Salt Lake City, Utah, Thursday Morning, May 10, 1945

Former 'Heir' of Hitler
Says He Fled for Life
Brings Wife, Daughter to Patch's
Headquarters, Surrenders;
General Kilter von Epp Captured
By A. I. Goldberg
KUTZBUEHELv Austria, May 9 (AP) — Reichsmarshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering, whose nazi air force once frightened the world, and Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, German commander in chief on the western front, have surrendered to Lt. Gen. Alexander M. Patch's American Seventh army. Goering, a self-professed fugitive from the wrath of Hitler, surrendered near here Tuesday night with his wife and 6-year-old daughter and was flown Wednesday to Gen. Patch's headquarters.
Details of Kesselring's capture were not immediately given. The first of the top nazis to fall into American hands, Goering said he was sentenced to execution by
Hitler on April 2- when he suggested that he, Goering, take over the crumbling reich.
Surrenders With Relief
He declared that his air force followers shot their way through S, S. troops who were guarding him at Berchtesgaden and spirited him away to a hideout in this
area. It was with relief, apparentlythat the nazi leader surrendered, Tuesday. Night to Brig.-Gen. Robert Stack, assistant commander of the U. S. 36th division.

By Associated Press
OSLO, Norway, May 9 — Nazi puppet Premier Vidkun Quisling of Norway, the man whose name has become a synonym for traitor, was locked in the Oslo jail Wednesday and two high German officers were reported to have taken their own lives as a result of Norway's liberation.
Seven Surrender
Quisling and six of his cabinet members surrendered themselves to Oslo police
while members of the Norwegian home forces rounded up 400 of his followers
throughout the city.
Josef Terboven, nazi civil governor for Norway, and S. S. Lt. Gen. Rediesa, chiefof the German police in Oslo, were said to have killed themselves by shooting.

S. F. Parley Okehs Provision
For Peaceful Arbitration
—A united nations conference committee Wednesday night approved the first of a series of major amendments sponsored by the bigfour powers.
The conference committee on structure of the general assembly voted approval of an amendment which would empower the assembly to recommend measures for the peaceful adjustment of any situations which may endanger the peace.
This action was taken after almost three hours' discussion. It was understood the vote in favor of the amendment, which had been espoused by Sen. Arthur Vandenburg- (R). Michigan, was 23 to 3 with two committee members abstaining
from voting.
Tho committee's action now will be transmitted to the commission of the general assembly for approval. If the commission approves, the amendment will then go
to a plenary session of the conference for final approval and inclusion in the world organization charter.
Molotov Starts Home
Earlier, Soviet Foreign Commissar V. M. Molotov started for Moscow, taking with him the last glimmering possibility that big three discussions at San Francisco might solve the Polish problem.

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