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May 4, 1945; GERMANS QUIT:


Salt Lake City, Utah, Friday Morning, May 4, 1945
Hamburg Taken;
Kiel Open City
North Sector Completely Collapses
As Nazis Stage Own Dunkerque
In Mass Attempt to Reach Norway
Exclusive; N. Y. Times-Salt Lake Tribune
By Drew Middleton
PARIS, May 3—This is the hour of victory, complete and overwhelming.
The German front in the north has collapsed completely. American and French troops are mopping up the national redoubt while Gen. George S. Patton's iron-clad cavalry dashes toward Linz and eventual junction with the red army, isolating
western Czechoslovakia, last of the nazi bastions.
Thursday British, American and Russian divisions ended the war in north Germany east of the Elbe, smashing remnants of two German armies and capturing huge numbers of prisoners— estimates vary from 150,000 to 500,000—and the great port of Hamburg, second city of the reich.
British Contact Russians in Area of Wismar Troops of the Sixth British air-borne division of the Second army made contact with Russian tanks in the area of Wismar early Thursday, thus creating a great pocket northwest of Berlin
between the capital and the Elbe river.
The once orderly provinces of northwest Germany have dissolved into chaos, and remnants of the disintegrating German army are fleeing north into Denmark, whipped on by shells from pursuing British tanks and scourged by swarms of British fighter-bombers.

New Reich
Flees Allies
Russians Search
For Body of
Hitler in Ruins
Copyright by New York Times
STOCKHOLM, May 3— Grand Adm. Karl Doenitz' government has moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been learned from a reliable source that Dr. Werner Best, nazi governor of Denmark, has left the capital to negotiate
capitulation with Field Marshal Sir Bernard L. Montgomery at Aabenraa, inside the Danish frontier, which British forces have taken. Fighting has
broken out in the Aarhus region between the SS and the wehrmacht.
Germany's new fuehrer, Grand Adm. Doenitz, was reported to have fled to the naval base of Kiel Thursday as British forces swept through capitulated Hamburg, 50 miles to the south, and victorious Russian troops searched for Hitler's body in the ruins of Berlin.
Chaos Reigns
So swift was the disintegration of German resistance and so chaotic the general
situation inside the reich that it appeared Thursday night there might be no necessity to negotiate a formal surrender.

S. F. Parley Chisels Out
Rough Draft of Pact

SAN FRANCISCO, May 3 (UP)—United nations architects chiseled out the rough outline of their proposed world security charter Thursday night in reportedly harmonious concert accompanied by some signs that the big three may yet solve their Polish headache. The conference big four had already achieved agreement on joint sponsorship of an unknown number of amendments to the  Dumbarton Oaks outline, including several American proposals Secy, of State Edward R. Stettinius Jr., Foreign Secy. An thony Eden, Foreign Commissar V. M. Molotov and Foreign Secy T. V. Soong were engaged in a careful examination of all proposed changes with the prospect that considerable slate would be presented to the conference with the mutual sponsorship of all four powers.
American Amendments
The chief agenda of the big four was the American list of 16 proposed amendments. These were being redrafted in some instances to fit the ideas of the other three powers. Some were understood to have been accepted as written.
Stettinius conferred late Thursday with Foreign Minister Georges Bidault of France. It was the first private conference between Stettinius and Bidault since the
conference opened.

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