Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 1945; 100 SYRANS KILLED:



Lowell Mass. Tuesday May 29 1945


Soviet Issue Gets Spotlight;

We Move Into Mediator Role

Success of United Nations Efforts k> Preserve

World Peace Depends on Big Powers Now

By John M. Hightower


SANFRANCISCO, May 29. (AP)_A frank bid by Secretary of State Stettinius for closer relations with Russia focused American foreign policy on Soviet issues today and swung the United States toward the role of mediator among the great powers.

Events abroad and blunt words —' —were made even more clear that the success of United Nations efforts to preserve world peace will depend largely on the ability of the big powers to work together. This would have to be under selfimposed

restraints, since the organization being drafted by the United Nations conference imposes few restraints upon the top powers..

Stettinius summed this up in a defense of the veto voting formula by which each of the Big-Five nations could prevent a World Security council from using force against an aggressor. The question has been raised, he said, as to what happens if one of the Big Five—Russia, the United States, China, j Britain or France—"embarks upon a course of aggression and refuses  to recognize the machinery of the world organization?"


100 Syrians
Killed, 300
Fighting Against
French in Levant

BEYROUTH, May 29 (UP)—One hundred Syrians have been killed and 300 wounded so far in widespread fighting with French forces n the Levant, Jemil Mardam, acting premier of Syria, reported today.

Mardam said at Damascus that the crisis caused by an influx of French troops was "most grave."

Disorder and violence were wide spread in Syria and Lebanon, despite an apparent effort by the French to avoid trouble or keepit to a minimum.


Around the World Today

(Compiled from AP, UP, and INS) c

A navy department announced last night the cessation of
convoy operations formerly made necessary by German U-boat
activity. The announcement, made simultaneously in Washington and London, indicated that American and British naval authorities now have accounted for all German submarines which were at large when Germany capitulated. The submarines have been surrendering to both the U. S. and British navies.



President Truman's championship of emergency payments up to $25 a week for displaced war workers today offered a major test of his influence in congress. Advocates of federal standards for unemployment compensation applauded his course but saw little prospect for the immediate action Mr. Truman called for yesterday.



The New American ambassador to Buenos Aires, Spruille Braden,
has been commissioned to make a special report on the steps Argentina has taken to line up with the United Nations, it was learned at the state department today.



President Harry S. Truman's special envoy to London, Joseph E. Davies, was reported today to have dispatched a preliminary report to Washington on the progress of his conversations so far with British officials on a variety of problems relating to Europe.

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