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Goering May Be First Criminal Tried;
4 Bodies Found Similar to Hitler's
LONDON, May 10 (UP) —
Hermann Goering, whose air force once terrorized Europe, may be the first big nazi to face the international bar of justice, a responsible source close to the war crimes commission said Thursday.
His statement that Goering might be tried soon came as a vast manhunt was pressed for other top-flight members of the nazi gang and a pooled dispatch from Berlin said the Russians held at least four charred bodies, one of which might be that of Adolf Hitler, war criminal No. 1.

The Salt Lake Tribune
Friday Morning, May 11, 1945
Goering Calls Hitler Ignorant,
Ribbentrop A Scoundrel
KITZBUHEL, Austria, May 10
UP — Reichsmarshal Herman  Goering Thursday told Maj. Gen. John E. Dahlquist, commanding the U. S. 36th division, that Adolf Hitler was narrow and ignorant, that former Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop was a scoundrel, and that Rudolf Hess was eccentric but had tremendous energy.
After these assertions, Goering fell with gusto upon a luncheon plate of chicken, potatoes and peas, Dahlquist said.
Goering, who surrendered to Maj. Gen. Robert Stack night before last, gobbled his meal and talked even more freely than he had Wednesday.
Goering said nothing about Heinrich Himmler during the conversation with Gen. Dahlquist, whose division has been getting more than its ordinary share of axis notables.

3 Red Armies
In Czech Area
Defiant Germans Seek
To Escape Trap,
Reach Yanks
Meanwhile In Holland
Invaders Lay Down
Their Arms
LONDON. May. 11. (U.P.) —
Die-hard ' Nazi fanatics who fought on in Czechoslovakia in defiance of German unconditional surrender were reported in headlong flight toward American' lines today as a vast sneers by three Soviet armies threatened momentarily to envelop
The first, . second, and fourth. Ukrainian armies opened the' assault on broad fronts from the northwest,, east, and southeast when forces under Field Marshal Ferdinand Schoerner, himself wanted as a war criminal, and Col, Gen, Woehler, ignored the surrender.
It was the only reported fighting by German troops in all. Europe.
Elsewhere the Germans were giving up docilely. The-Soviet high command announced capture of 209,060 German officers and men in preliminary checkups along the front.  There were 26 Nazi generals in the bag.
German Ships Surrender
Remnants of the beaten German surface and underwater fleet were in Allied Hands, including the. Cruisers Prinz Eugen and Nuernberg, which had shelled Copenhagen over the week end. These were under the week end.'-These were under the sentinel guns of the "Royal navy in Copenhagen -harbor, along .with
three destroyers, two torpedo-boats, ten minesweepers, 13 flak. ships,.,i? _
armed trawlers,, and two armed merchantmen.

Okinawa Battle Goes
On; U. S. Fleet
GUAM, May 11  (U.P)-A fleet of more than 150 Superfortresses hit the Japanese
home islands again today, dropping high -explosives on a - large naval aircraft plants air fields, and two southern Kyushu  cities.
Tokyo radio reported that 10 B-29's later made an afternoon raid on the Kyushu sector from /south of, I he Bungo' channel. The broadcast said some' of the planes'. also. hit 'installations on. the southwestern part of Shikoku island.
.One task force of over100 of the big bombers attacked the Kavvanish, naval plane plant at Fukag. on the inland sea coast of Honshu Between Osaka and Kobe, in excellent weather, Fifty Superforts hit the Miyzaki airfield and targets at Miyakanojo and Nittagahara on Kyushu.
Cross Asa River |
On southern Okinawa, marines  of. the -sixth' division crossed the Asa river estuary, last, natural barrier before" Naha and drove on within 1,000 yards of the ruined capital city.  Through Wednesday 38,856 Japanese 'dead - had - been counted on Okinawa.
Fires still were burning ' nearby i n  Japan's main fuel storage area and synthetic oil. plants -along -the; inland sea from.. yesterday's, record 400-plane Superfortress- raid.
(A Japanese communique said Japanese forces on southern Okinawa killed or wounded about 12,600 American troops, destroyed or set afire 134 tanks and – destroyed and destroyed 39 guns between April 29 and May 7.  The communique also claimed that Japanese planes and submarines had sunk eight Allied/warships
and -heavily – damaged nine others off  Okinawa since May 6.)

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