Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 1945; Russian Lend-lease Cut Off:


Jap Flyers Damage
'Major' Fleet Unit;
GIs Occupy Tori

Reds Seize
700,000 Nazis
in Five Days
LONDON — (U.P) — Russian armies have captured more than 700,000 German officers and men in the last five days, mopping up virtually the last German-held
pockets along the Baltic and in Czechoslovakia, a Soviet communique
announced S a t u r d a y  night.
Only a few hundred square miles of Europe remained to be cleared as the Germans ceased the last vestige of resistance and resigned themselves to capture by the Red army.
The last hold-out groups were units under unyielding Field Marshall Ferdinand Schoerner and Col. Gen. Wehler in Czechoslovakia.
In this sector, troops of the First Ukrainian army group captured 108,000 Germans
who surrendered in disorder between Wednesday and Saturday, including seven generals.

Army's Plan
Peace Draft
Universal Training
'Essential' to Force
of 412 Million Men
WASHINGTON — (UP)— Peacetime universal military training is essential to army plans for a post-war organization of 4,500,000  men available for duty on short notice, it was disclosed Saturday night. Congressional sources quoted
war department, spokesmen as saying that a force smaller than 4.300,000 would be inadequate and that the strength proposed cannot be reached without a universal
training program.
As outlined by army officers In the house military affairs committee, this force would consist of a comparatively small standing army backed up by a trained citizen reserve.
Mobilized Within Year
They quoted a war department spokesman as saying that if this
program is adopted the entire 4.500.000 could be thrown into action
in a year or less.
Under present tentative plans, committee members said at least
4,000.000 of the total would be made up of reserves and national guard members.
Before this war there were 250,000 in the national guard. After the war. the size of the guard is expected to range somewhere betweenthat figure and 500,000, an
army spokesman said.
890.000 Available Yearly
The other 3,500,000 to 3,750.000 would be reserves who had a year's peacetime training under  a universal training program.
A war department representative said that 1,200,000 youths become
18 years of age every year. Of this number, he said, 800,000 would be available for training. The army would train 600,000 and the navy 200,000 every year.
After completing a year's training, he said, they would be listed as "active reserves" for six years. During that period they would be subject to call for active duty in

U. S. Suspends
to Russia
WASHINGTON —(U.P) — Suspension of new lend-lease shipments to Soviet Russia, pending review of the whole mutual aid program in the light of Pacific
war requirements, was disclosed Saturday night by Foreign Economi c Administrator Leo T. Crowley.
Crowley announced specifically that "new shipments to Europe are being held up except those destined to countries now at war with Japan, or in countries
through which redeployment of our troops now in Europe will be facilitated thereby."
Russia is the principal lend-lease recipient which is not at war with Japan. To date Russia has received about $9.000,000,000 of lend-lease shipments, or about 30 per cent of the total of shipments to ail countries.
The British empire has received about 60 per cent of all
U. S. lend-lease, and these shipments can continue since Britain is at war with Japan. The same is true of France and most other lend-lease recipients.

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