Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 1945; HUN DEBACLE:


CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, SUNDAY, MAY 6, 1955 Direct Associated

Hun Debacle
During Week
Is Surprise
 M i l i t a r y Historians
Seek Key to Riddle Reasons for Ending
Europe War no Dependable Guide to
Pacific Expectations
Associated War Analyst

Military historians long will pour over the events leading
Up to this climactic week of Nazi debacle in Germany seeking the key to the riddle of just what participated the final
total collapse of the Wehrnact.
The superb staff work of the German Army that had survived the desperate dangers of the retreat from the Volga to the Vistula and then the Oder in. the east, from the
Oder in the east beaches .to the Rhine in the- west at some point broke down hourly. The why of that will Interst military students for years after the last shot in Europe has been fired.
Already there are intimations in what such key figures of the
German high Command have had to say since their capture.
They contend that to the end Hitler "intuition," substituted or the seasoned judgment of professional military opinion, and doomed the nation to the Terrible fate that has fallen upon it.
If the general's plot to eliminate had succeeded the war could have been over in Europe long ago. Many a German city that now lies in utter ruin could have escaped that dream.  Millions, of men who have been killed or been mangled in battle on both sides would have been spared.

British Units Drive
Into Copenhagen;
Danes Chase Nazis
Copenhagen, Inlay 5 (AP)—British troops drove into the heart of the Danish capital tonight amid thunderous  cheers from happy Danes mixed with sporadic rifle fire from a small nest of over-excited Germans awaiting surrender.
German troops fired on the British and Danish patriot forces after the latter had fired their rifles into the air to celebrate the arrival of the British. The Germans apparently thought they were being attacked.

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