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June 14, 1945; New Deal For India:

Guam (AP) The –Sixth dvision smashed the Japanese.'Oroku Pennesula pocket  on Okinawa  yesterday affter a fierce nine-day battle,while the First, Marine and'.Seventh Infantry Divisions pressed back bosh (????) flanks of the precipitous(???? cliffs)
The Sixth Du-ision killed 3,500 Japanese on the pennusula. raising
to more .than 70.000 the number 'of  enemyy troops killed on Okinawa.

Free Interned
Members of
Congress Party

LONDON. —(AP)— The British government, in a sweeping "new deal" for India, proposed today a new executive council which would be almostentirely Indian and, in the words of Viceroy Lord Wavell, "represent a definite advance on the road to self government."
At the same time that the secretary of state for India, L. S. Amery, unfolded the statement of policy to parliament, Lord Wavell announced in a radio broadcast from New Delhi that orders had been given for the release of members of the working committee of the Indian all-Congress P a r t y still in detention.
Mohandas K. Gandhi, spiritual leader of the party, was released
May 5, 1944, after 21 months detention.
Main Position.
The British government's White Paper emphasized that its main position remained as it was—that t h e "working out of  India's constitutional system is a task which can only be carried through by the Indian people themselves."
"But they (the British government) a r e willing to m a k e possible some s t e p forward during t h e interim period if the leaders of the
principal Indian parties are prepared to agree to their suggestions and to co-operate in the successful conclusion of the war against Japan as well as the  reconstruction of India which must follow the final victory."
Marines Smash
Major Pocket
On Okinawa
GUAM—(AP)—Marines shattered one major pocket of Japanese on Okinawa yesterday, a n d Yank, infantrymen drove two 400 yard wedges into the remaining 13 square mile area still held by the Mikado's men.
But these advances came only after the Americans wiped out a
banzai attack and won a 36 hour grenade duel.
Tokyo broadcasts conceded the plight of 10,000 survivors, including every man and woman over 15 who was physically able to fight, was "truly desperate."
Suzuki Concedes Loss.
Premier Adm. Kantaro Suzuki conceded loss of the island, 325 miles from Japan, by saying neither the fate of the homeland nor his own as premier hung on the outcome of t h e Okinawa  battle.


Borneo Invaders
Win 2 Airfields
BRUNEI  BAY, Borneo.(AP)
Primetive Dyaks of Borneo have attacked the Japanese with poison-dart blowers in independent support of the Australian invasion to liberate their home island. Natives outside Brunei town told today how the fierce Dyak aborigines donned battle regalia and killed 14 Japanese in the last two days.
BRUNEI  BAY, Borneo — (AP)—.
Tank-led Australian Ninth Division troops are battling Japanese through  swamp and jungle for the only remaining airfield in this invaded North Borneo area after over running the other two without a fight, headquarters reported today.










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