Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 9; Japan seeking Peace:


The Charleston Daily Mail



Suzuki Voices Desire for Peace on Lenient Terms;
Yanks Burn Out Entrenched Fanatics on Escarpment


Rule Sought
By Premier
Measure Virtually
Does Away With
Japan's Ruling Diet


Premier Kantaro Suzuki made a tacit bid today for peace on something less than "unconditional surrender" terms but, admitting: he saw no. prospect of such a development, demanded dictator powers from the parliament to face "the gravest crisis since the forming of the empire.

Suzuki emphasized to the diet (parliament) Japans aspirations for peace, but said that the Allied unconditional surrender left Japan no alternative but a fight "to the very last."

He admitted that Japan must face the prospect of American landings on the homeland Islands,

- In this crisis, Japanese broadcasts reported, the diet was requested lo hand over virtually all its powers and duties to enable the government to rule by emergency.

The request was submitted, to an extraordinary session of the diet today,' the Japanese Domel news Bguzukl rejected unconditional surrender on the grounds It would mean the "complete destruction of Japanese policy and the Japanese race."


Fresh Troops Land
Behind Defense Line

Infantrymen Open Drive to Skirt
East Flank of Japanese Position

GUAM (UP).—Radio Tokyo said today that American troops and tanks have made a new landing on southern Okinawa, presumably behind the last Japanese defense line.


GUAM  (UP)—American infantry, attacking with flame throwers and demolition charges today began flanking

defense line on southern Okinawa along the Yaeu-Dake escarpment, which radio Tokyo said was being given "arms and supplys by parachute.

Marines of the first division drove 1,600 yards to the west coast yesterday, sealing off the only, possible escape corridor of Nipponese in the Naha airfield area, where the enemy was cornered by the sixth marine division into a three-square mile trap..



B-29's Level
Million Homes
Raid Tolls Heavy;
Honshu Hit Again

Allies Reported Landing Troops
On Island Just Off North Coast

MANILA.—A Japanese broadcast said that Allied troops began landing operations on Labuan island in Brunei bay on the northwest coast of Borneo at 12:30 p. m. today.


French Indo-China Border Town
Falls to Chinese in New Assault

CHUNGKING (AP)—The Chinese high command announced today that Chinese troops had captured a town on the Indo-China border in Kwantsi  Province after toppling important highway town of Szelo, 22 miles from the Indo-Chinese frontier.

During the morning of June 6,"  a communique said, "our troops attacked the enemy at Chungchingfu

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