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SAN FRANCISCO, June 26.—United Nations' statesment signed today the charter of a new world organization and President Truman closed one of the great assemblies of history with an assurance that "You have created a great instrument for peace."

"The world must now use it!" Mr. Truman said. Addressing the - final plenary session of the United. Nations' Conference, the Chief Executive appealed to delegates of 50 nations to make the charter "a living thing." to seek its immediate ratification. He promised:

Given Rising Ovation

"I shall send this charter to the United States Senate at once. I am sure that the overwhelming sentiment of the people of my country and of their representatives in the senate is in favor of immediate ratification." Mr. Truman was given a rising ovation. .He smiled and, extending his arms outward, declared, "Oh, what a

great day this can be in history."

Facing him as he spoke were the men and women who met here two months and a day ago to draft a master plan for peace. Behind him was a bright blue background, with the flags of all the United Nations silhouetted against it, interspersed between four austere, golden columns.



JAPAN—B-29s blast Japan twice in one clay as small force raids, main aviation gas refinery following huge assault on 10 enemy war centers. Page 1. •
OKINAWA—Score of Japs with surrender leaflets emerge from caves and canefields on Okinawa. Page 2.
PHILIPPINES—Americans compress remaining Japs in Luzon’s Cagayan Valley into 20-mile corridor. Page ].


Superforts Strike Twice;
Bomb Jap Gasoline Plant

By Associated Press

GUAM, June 27.—Nearly fifty B-20s struck the Utsvibe river oil refinery, Japan's principal producer of aviation gasoline, in a precision demolition attack before midnight Tuesday night. The raid followed by half a day the greatest Superfortress demolition pin-pointing of Honshu industries in which nearly 500 of the sky giants blasted 10 targets with 3,000 tons of bombs.

The Utsube refinery is located near Yokkaichi, 18 miles southwest of Nagoya on Ise Bay. Since the destruction of fuel centers at Tokuyama and Osake on May 10, the Utsube plant was the enemy's largest remaining producer of aviation gasoline.

First on Big Plant

The city of Yokkaichi was heavily damaged in a fire raid June 18. Some fire bombs fell into the Utsube refinery area in that attack, causing slight damage, but Tuesday night's - strike was the first with the Utsube plant and storage area as the primary objective.

Army, navy and marine air power ranged far over the western Pacific in other scattered blows at enemy shipping and ground installations.


20,000 Japs
Squeezed in
American Trap

By Associated Press

M A N I L A, June 27. — Liquidation of the last Japanese stronghold in Cagayan Valley, northern Luzon Island in the Philippines, is near with t h e Nipponese compressed into a 20- mile corridor between American columns. General Douglas MacArthur's communique Wednesday said  the Japanese were being pinched between Maj. Gen. Robert S. Breightler's 37th Infantry Division pushing down-river from the south while llth Airborne Division elements advanced up the valley.

The 37th swept through Tuguegarao, capital of Cagayan Province, Monday to find the Japanese force which had won control of the city from hardpressed Filipino guerrillas already in flight to hills to the east


More Japs Quit
On Okinawa

By Associated Press

GUAM, June 27.—Emerging from caves, canefields and the brushy valleys, scores of .Japanese carrying surrender leaflets, gave themselves up to American 10th Army troops Tuesday. The day's total of prisoners, including hundreds of Nipponese captured at rifle point or driven from caves with grenades, was 802, increasing to 9,498 the number of enemy troops in stockades  on Okinawa. The figures were given in Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz' communique Wednesday.

Yank patrols continued their mop-up operations throughout Southern Okinawa.

A number of Japanese planes appeared over the Okinawa area Monday night, but did no damage with the few bombs they dropped, the communique reported.

Twelve raiders were destroyed by anti-aircraft fire and combat air patrols.



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