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June 5, 1945; Kobe Blazing:



Council Bluffs  Iowa Nonpariel

Kobe Blazing
After Raid by
450 B-29s
Largest Port City
Hit by 3,000 Tons
of Incendiary Bombs

By Robbln Coons

GUAM, (AP)—Approximately 450 Superfortresses battled through snow fog thunderheads accurate anti-aircraft fire and fairly strong fighter opposition Tuesday to transform the industrial and transportation center of Kobe into a mass of smoke and flame

The B-29s flying through weather so bad they had to make the trip without fighter escort found perfect weather over Japan ‘s largest port city and spent an hour setting it afire with 3 000 tons of incendiary bombs in a blazing first anniversary celebration of the initial Superfort raid.

Returning pilots described described the results as excellent They guessed damage would exceed the nearly seven square miles burned out of Yokohama in the May 29 strike at Nippon s second largest port.



Denies British Stirred Up Trouble in
Syria or Have Ambitions in the levant


Paris, (AP)—The French government decided Tuesday to propose formally a conference of the "Big Five" to consider the entire problem of the middle east

* * *

LONDON (AP)   Prime Minister Churchill Tuesday disputed Gen de Gaulle s charge that the British had stirred up trouble in Syria and declared that Britain was ready to withdraw all her troops the moment a treaty was effected between France and the Levant states.

Churchill declared Britain had absolutely no ambitions of any kind in the Levant states " We sought no territory there and no kind of advantage that was not given to any of the other nations of the world he said The prime minister declared he favored only Britain the United States and France negotiating the French-Levant dispute.

De Gaulle had suggested a fivepower parley with Russia and China sitting in, but Churchill declared this would certainly cause a great deal of delay and would require very careful consideration on many grounds


Truman May Be Called Upon
to Determine U. S. Stand on
Vital Veto Voting Issue

Moscow's Reply to Plea to Withdraw
Objection to Right of Discussion Seen
as Bearing on Outcome of Conference



France would go along with the United States in event of a showdown between this country and Russia on the veto issue at the United Nations conference.

Chairman Paul Bonoonr of the French delegation said Tuesday.

Any break between the United States and Russia would beagonizing to the French delegations, Boncour said in an Interview, but France would vote with America, however reluctant).

B\ John* M. Hightower

SAN FRANCISCO, (AP)—Secretary of State Stettimus is looking to President Truman for a decision on whether the United States should force >. showdown with Russia on the right of free discussion in a world security council Stettimus  caught in a sharp difference of American opinion here.

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