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No. 304. 34 PAGES LAREDO, TEXAS, SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 1045. PRICE 10c
PARIS, June 2.—(UP)—Gen. Charles De Gaulle accused Britain today of fomenting the crisis in the Levant. He said France's position in international disputes is "to negotiate with all interested parties in a spirit of cooperation with all parties.
De Gaulle's statements were made at a press conference. He said he saw no stumbling block to discussions with Britain, the United States, Russia and the '
Arabs. But he based France's ! willingness to negotiate the Levantine issue on consideration of the Arab world as a whole rather than this one specific sphere.
He ended his conference with a plea for international good will in the interests of permanent peace.
"Despite the painfulness and injustice of the" present series of incidents for France and for me,"he said, "I hope the affair will not have too far reaching consequences.
The countries involved have immense interests in common, but the main interest of everyone is peace. I don't believe there is a single human being on the globe who does not recognize that if this peace is not achieved through concessions and manifestations of solidarity, the future of the world will be very disquieting.
"We must have peace. The world wants to live. You may be certain that we will make peace."
Halsey Returns To Japanese
Waters With Famous Fleet
GUAM.. SUNDAY, June 3—(AP)—Peppery Ad in. William F, Halsey, just returned to action in the Pacific with his U. S. Third Fleet, sent carrier planes against potential suicide plane bases of the Japanese homeland on Kyushu Island Saturday.
Today's fleet communique reported carrier planes of Halsey's fleet, operating under Vice Adm. John S. McCain, shot down two enemy planes, destroyed 11 on the ground and damage 23 more at Miyazaki, Kokubu, TusHira, Kagoshima and Chiran. Two enemy surface craft were destroyed off the coast.
GUAM, Sunday, June 3.—(UP)—Adm. William F. (Bull) Halsey was back in the Pacific war today at the head of the Third Fleet, and the Japanese reported that the action-loving seadog already was throwing carrier planes against their homeland.
Halsey's return, announced here by Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, coincided with indications that new far-reaching blows against Nippon were in the making.
As he took over on his flagship off Okinawa relieving Adm. Raymond A. Spruance, Fifth Fleet Commander, May 27—Halsey declared he was ready to
strike anywhere "from the North Pole to the "South" and right into Tokyo Bay.

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