Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 17, 1945; Japanese Ballons launched:


Yank Infantry

Takes Last

Okinawa Hills

Garrison Remnants

Trapped in

Exposed Position

Guam, Sunday, June 17.—

(AP)—The U. S. Tenth army captured the last three Japanese- held hills on southern Okinawa's high plateau Saturday with the unintentional help of enemy artillery, which mistakenly shelled its own forces on one of the peaks before he Americans took it.

The 96th infantry division seized the 548-foot summit of Yuza hill, highest on the escarpment line, which the Nipponese had used effectively as an artillery position.





Carrier Units
Strike at
Amami Isles

Fleet Takes Fighting
Closer to
Heart of Empire

By Ray Cronin
Associated Press War Editor

Powerful carrier units of the U. S. fleet bombarded the Amami islands, within 225 miles of Japan, Saturday and the 10th army wrested the last important heights from the enemy on southern Okinawa while Tokyo radio expressed increasing concern over signs of a homeland invasion.

Army and marine fighters joined navy fliers in bombarding radio stations, harbor facilities and other military installations in the Amami group, 100 miles northeast of Okinawa in the Ryukyus.

| Fear Activity

The Japanese, said radio Tokyo, were getting set for an invasion which, it added may be in the making at the present time.

A sudden increase In the number of American cargo ships and landing craft around Okinawa was reported by the agency Domei. It guessed this might (mean "an enemy scheme to launch a fresh operations against the Japanese homeland.

The above Is a sketch created by a Seattle, Wash., artist from a
description of the balloons which the Japanese are launching from
their home islands against the continental United States. The baloons carry a mechanism which releases sandbags or gas ns they
lose or gain altitude and which drops incendiary and antipersonnel bombs at the end of their predetermiued flight. (International)


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