Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13, 1945: F. D. R. PASSING MOURNED BY WORLD:


White House Funeral
Is Set For Saturday;
Burial In Hyde Park
By D. Harold Oliver
Press reporter who had "Covered"
Roosevelt s office.l936)
Warm Springs, Ga., April 13—(AP)—
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's long and colorful public career is at an end. A tragic though painless death halted it abruptly yesterday as the nation's 31st President seemingly was about to see the fruition of his plans for bringing lasting-peace
to a war-ridden world. He was 63 last January 30.
Death came unexpectedly at 4:35 p. m. (EWT) in a simply furnished bedroom of his Pine Mountain cottage. The cause: A "massive" cerebral hemorrhage.
Mr. Roosevelt came here March 30 for one of his periodic visits to seek rest and to bask in the sun. He had planned to stay another week, then return to Washington,
spend a day and start out again for a cross-country trip to San Francisco to open the World Security Conference April 25.' "
All Up To His Successor
All" this now is up to his successor, Harry S. Truman of Missouri, -with the aid of a sympathetic Congress.
President Truman at Washington proclaimed today that  tomorrow should be a day of mourning for Franklin D. Roosevelt throughout the United States. ••" -
His proclamation, issued at the State Department there, formally-announced the late President's death.
"But though his voice-is silent," the new chief executive said, his courage is not spent, his faith is not extinguished.
"The courage of greatmen outlives them to become the courage of their people and the peoples of the world. It lives beyond them and upholds their purposes .and brings then hopes to pass." .
Mr. Truman recommended that the people of this country assemble tomorrow "in their respective places of divine worship, there to bow down in submission to the will of-Almighty God, and to pay out of full hearts their homage of-love and reverence to the memory of the great and good "man whose death they mourn."

Ninth Army Gains
In Drive On Berlin
Now 45 Mi. Away
Paris, April 13—(AP)—
The Ninth Army closed within 45 miles of Berlin today in a 60-mile armored advance which reached the already-crossed Elbe River on a wide front.
Nearly a hundred miles of the Elbe banks were patrolled by Ninth Army troops tonight. They stood within 90 miles of Russian siege lines east of the sprawling, ruined capital.
The nearest approach to the capital was in a bend of the river just south of Tangermuende, where the harried Germans blew the bridges.
Duisburg, Europe's greatest inland port and Germany s 14th city, fell to the Ninth Army in the shrinking and bypassed Ruhr pocket. The Third Army captured Erfurt,
reached the streets of Jena and were 18 miles from Leipzig and 34 from Czechoslovakia.
Between these charging forces of Lts. Gen. William H.Simpson and George S. Patton, Jr.. First Army tanks broke into a 35-mile run across the "Golden Meadows" to within 17 miles of; Leipzig, largest city in Saxony. Lt.-Gen. Courtney H. Hodges shock troops reached the Weisse River., two miles west of Zeitz, town already within light artillery range of the Third Army.
The Hell on Wheels (Second) Armored Division, which crossed the Elbe at Magdeburg yesterday, was meeting stiff opposition on the eastern bank of that last –river barrier before Berlin. Reinforcements and supplies .poured across the Elbe as the tank troops gathered strength for the final push on Berlin, expected to start -within a day or so.

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