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Ninth's Tanks
Speed Along
Nazi Highway
Net Thrown About
Two German Armies
Still in Holland
Paris, April 9 (Monday). (AP)
United States Ninth Army tanks roared unopposed along a superhighway toward Berlin yesterday and last were reported 128 miles from the capital as the United States First Army joined the race and the allied First Airborne Army threw a giant
net around two German armies In Holland.
It was the Ninth Army's 2d Armored Division that surged out onto the autobahn within 20 miles of Brunswick. It was at least 15 miles ahead of the First Army's
Berlin-bound forces swarming' across the Weser River.
Other United States Ninth Army forces smashed within five miles of Hannover. The British Second Army drove up within artillery range of Bremen and laid siege
to that U-boat center.

Russia Hails
Austrians as
Being Friends
Designs to Take
Territory .of Alter
Society Denied
London, April S. AP
The Moscow radio broadcast tonight a declaration by the soviet government that Russia regarded the Austrian people as friends and that the soviet union had no intention of acquiring Austrian territory or of changing the Austrian social system.
The declaration said, "smashing the German fascist armies and pursuing them, the red army entered Austria and has besieged its capital."
"In distinction from the Germans in Germany," the soviet statement said, "the Austrian population is resisting the evacuation carried out by the Germans, is
remaining in its place and meeting with joy the red army as liberators of Austria from the yoke of Hitlerites.

Another Huge German
Treasure Hoard Found
Merkers, Germany, April 8.
Nobody could find the key, a United States Third Army engineers blasted a hole through a thick brick wall today and exposed Hitler's fabulous hoard of gold and money cached in the 2100-foot Merkers salt mine.
More than 4000 bags of gold bullion were counted, a total of 50 tons. Each bag weighed 25 pounds and was worth 114,000.
It was impossible to determine today whether there was more or less gold than the 100-plus tons that Dr. Werner Vleck of the reichsbank said were in the cache—but there were some indications that it was more. Each ton is worth $1,000,000.
"This is it—Germany's entire gold reserve," said Dr. Vleck. "There isn't any more."

Resistance of
Okinawa Japs
Gets Strong
Americans Continue,
However, to Advance
in Island Battle

Guam, April 9 (Monday). AP
Japanese on Okinawa, only 325 miles south of their homeland, now are offering American doughboys the stiffest kind of resistance, including round-the-clock artillery fire, but XXIV Army Corps Infantrymen advanced both along the west
coast toward the capital city of Naha and inland toward important Yonabaru airdrome yesterday.
Marines, moving northward from captured Yontan and Katena airfields several miles north of the doughboys, continued their rapid advance against "negligible resistance,"
Fleet Adm. Chseter W. Nimits announced in today's communique.
Marine gains ranged from 3000 to 4000 yards westward along the Motobu peninsula.
Fighter pilots of the 3d Marine Aircraft Wing already have begun operating from Katena and Yontan fields, Nimits added. Maj. Gen.
F. P.. Mulcahy, U.S.MC, In tactical command of marine aerial operations, has established headquarters ashore.

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