Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 1945; RUSSIANS IN BERLIN



16-Army Assault Puts
Force 3 Miles in City
LONDON, April 22-(AP)-The Germans announced last night
that Red army tanks had burst three to four miles inside the flaming
rubble-strewn streets of barricaded Berlin in an overwhelming 16-
army assault on the three-quarters encircled Nazi capital—biggest
prize of two world wars. Moscow, whose official reports were running
24 hours behind German announcements, did not immediately confirm
the dramatic flash from doomed Berlin. But a Moscow dispatch
filed hours before said a Red army entry into the Nazi citadel was
The Soviet high command said (hat veteran Russian forces, who have marched 1,000 miles from The gates of Moscow in one of the greatest military comebacks in history, were "engaged in fighting at Berlin's outskirts" and had captured Erkncr on the city's eastern
limits and seven other fortress suburbs three to 16 miles from the capital.

PARIS, Sunday, April 22.—(AP)—Formal announcement that the Americans and Russians have joined in central Germany was expected today in a matter of hours, and there were indications that the U.S. Ninth Army might he the chosen force for the historic meeting with the Red army at or near
Associated Press Correspondent Wes Gallagher, with the Ninth Army at Magdeburg, reported that the great Russian break-through—which now has entered Berlin—explained why the Ninth Army had been sitting on the Elbe river west of the German capital since April 11.
The Ninth Army had, .and still has, the power to. Have marched-to -Berlin within! 10 days of  its reaching the Elbe- Gallagher noted.-and referred to the expected junction of the Ninth and the Russians in the Berlin area.

Horror Camps
Black Names
Of History
LONDON, .April 21—AP—Belsen, Buchenwald, Breedonk and Vaught are destined to be among the blackest of names in German history, for they represent German concentration camps where thousands of young and old, men, women and children, have been tortured and killed.
Part of their story is becoming known now as Allied troops from the west sift the evidence left behind by the Germans. And these were only four of the concentration camps—as differentiated from prisoner of war camps. In the concentration camps the Germans held civilians of their own and occupied
countries who were suspected or convicted of "crimes" ranging from curfew violations to merely being considered dangerous to the German state.
Breedonk is near Malines in Belgium, it is relatively small, yet by the British army's official account 350 persons were executed there, and more than 1,000 at the national camp near Brussels. There are no figures for the numbers who died of starvation or passed through these camps. There are only two of 18 prisons or execution depots in one small country

Bitterest Fighting
Marks Okinawa Gain
By The Associated Press
Some of the bitterest fighting of the Pacific war marked small American gains through heavily defended Japanese positions on southern Okinawa, Flefet Adm. Chester VV. Nimitz reported late Saturday. . • -
Meanwhile the American flag was flung to the breeze over Ie island, 4,000 yards off Okinawa's west coast. ;Doughboys planted the Stars and Stripes atop Mt. Legusugu after-overcoming furious resistance. The tiny island, now under Yank
control, is being mopped up.
On southern Okinawa, high ground in the hill 178 sector changed hands several times as the fortunes of battle swung from side to side. The hardhitting Yank ground forces were heavily supported by naval guns, Army and Marine artillery and carrier-based planes.
Japanese night air raiders hit two central American-held airfields on central Okinawa but damage was minor.
The Marines on northern Okinawa cleaned out enemy pockets and brought all of Motobu peninsula under their control.

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