Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March, 31, 1945; RUHR TRAP IS SET:



American, British Forces
Are Reported Joined On
Broad Plain Above The Ruhr
Their Meeting Completes Allied Ring: Around
Germany's Last Military Arsenal; Decisive
Battle May Be Under Way
(By-United Press)
New York, March 31—(UP)—
An unconfirmed Paris radio report says the American First and British Second Armies linked up in the Paderbom area today, completing the envelopment of the Ruhr basin.
The greatest striking, force in the world—a force of nearly 3,000 American and British tanks—is pacing the Allied march on Berlin.
Allied headquarters—in letting out that, no.\vs—has given the main reason for the Germans' failure to hold their defenses, the main reason for the speed with which
the Allies ' are speeding  through German lines.
That pace shows no signs of letting up. American" First Army tanks are racing- over the lent 30 or 40 miles separating them from the British on the broad plane.

As Allied- armies, continued to make Monumental gains, a gigantic
pincers appeared to be forming around the vital Ruhr. area, thrcatening
to trap large forces of Nazi troops. American and British armored
combat teams (1), racing across the Wentphallan: Plain and driving
toward Hanover, may send units around to the Ruhr to affect a meeting
with armored divisions. (2) of Lt. Gen. Courtney H. Hodge's First Army which have just wheeled. north and thrust Into the Province of Westphalia; These spearheads  may be backed by the Third Army following the
junction (3) with the U. S. First Army, made In the G lessen area. (International)

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