Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1, 1945; Japan's War Losses Enormous:






B-29 Targets Listed

Bull's-eye symbols locate cities that have been listed as future B-29 targets, including eight new ones added to a list previously announced by 20th Air Force. Bomb-burst symbols locate six cities on the original  list of advance targets that already have been hit by the superforts. The eight additional Japanese cities listed for destruction was announced by Maj. Gen Curtis E. Lemay, July 31.

Sends Letter
Read At Paris
Treason Trial

Expresses Belief Old Marshal
Always Acted For
Best Interests Of
Holds Petain In
"High Regard"

Recalls Petain's Oft-Repealed
Desire to See Nazi
Invaders Overwhelmed

Paris, Aug. 1. (AP)--- Adm.. William D. Leahy, chief of staff to President Truman, expressed the belief that Marshal Petain always acted in the best interests of France in a letter read today in the treason trial of the old soldier.

As read in court, the letter of Leahy who is attending the Big Three conference at Potsdam, expressed "high regard" for Petain,  and said he was unable to appear as a witness because of his position.

He had been U. S. ambassador to the Vichy regime of Marshal Petain until the Germans took over the unoccupied portions of France in November, 1942, when North Africa was invaded.

Leahy's letter, dated July 22, was in reply to Petain's request that he return lo. France as a witness.

Recalled Many Occasions

The admiral stated that he re. called that on many occasions he had heard Petain express a desire to see the Nazis overwhelmed.

Japan's July War Losses
Put At Enormous Figure
Total of 1,546 Ships and
Small C r a f t Sunk Or
Damaged In Home

Guam, Aug. 1, (AP) Combined carrier, and land-based plane attacks cost Japan by conservative, official  accounts at least 1,546 ships and small craft sunk or damaged in her home waters in July and more than 1,300 of her war planes destroyed or wrecked—but that is just a beginning. Adm. Halsey's Third Fleet carrier planes, including some 250 British aircraft, alone destroyed or damaged 1,035 Japanese ships and small craft in 21 days of almost ceaseless assaults with torpedoes, bombs, rockets and 50 caliber bullets. They accounted for 1,278 aircraft, most of which were caught on the ground.

Jap Fleet In Shambles

Halsey's force reduced remnants of the Japanese fleet to a shambles—99 warships sunk or heavily damaged, including three disclosed today.

Land-based aircraft in Adm. Nimitz' command sank another 85 vessels, mostly freighters and cargo ships, and damaged 176 and destroyed or damaged 53 Japanese planes, an Associated Press tabulation of his communiques showed.







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