Sunday, August 18, 2013


Pittsfield Massachusetts. Saturday, August 18, 1945

Peace Envoys Flying to Manila Tomorrow; Armies on Asian Fronts Begin Surrender
Enemy Plane To Bring Delegates
To Okinawa and American
Plane From There On

MANILA (AP)—Japan officially informed Gen. MacArthur tonight that surrender emissaries would leave Japan Sunday morning—weather permitting and a headquarters spokesman said they would be flown straight from le island, off Okinawa, to Manila.

Chinese Enter
Canton for
Japanese in
South China Will
Lay Down Arms

CHUNGKING (AP)—-The Chinese First Army, veterans of the Burma campaign, entered Canton today and will accept formal surrender of Japanese forces in south China tomorrow, and plans were under way for overall surrender of Japanese troops In China.

Of Kwantung
Army Nears Soviet Plane To
Bring Jap Envoy
To Red Headquarters

LONDON (UP)—A Japanese surrender envoy was en route to the Red Army headquarters in Siberia today and the capitulation of Japan's defiant Kwantung Army appeared imminent.
Go to Harbin
The official Russian Khabarovsk radio announced the Kwantung Army's peace move this morning 10 days after the Soviets sent their three Far Eastern armies crashing across the Siberian frontier into Manchuria and Korea.


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