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LONDON. (AP)—The Moscow radio announced Wednesday that Russia* was at war with Japan effective August 9. The announcement was broadcast at 10 p.m. Moscow time 12 noon Pacific war time, two hours before midnight. It quoted a statement from Soviet Foreign Commissar Vyacheslav Molotov.

The midnight deadline is 2 p.m. Pacific war time. Molotov's statement, as broadcast by Moscow, said: "On August 8 the people's commissar for foreign affairs of the U. S. S. R. Molotov received the Japanese ambassador, Mr. Sato,, and gave him, on behalf of the Soviet government, the following for transmission to the Japanese government:

"After the defeat and capitulation of Hitlerite Germany, Japan became the only great power that still stood for the continuation of the war.
"The demand of the big three powers, the United States, Great Britain and China on July 26 on the unconditional surrender of the Japanese armed forces was rejected by Japan, and thus the proposal of the Japanese government to the Soviet union on mediation in the war in the Far East loses all basis.

WASHINGTON*. (AP ) — P resident Truman announced Wednesday that Russia had declared war on Japan. Mr. Truman made the momentous announcement to a hurriedly summoned news conference.

He said he had only a simple statement to make but it was so important he could not delay it.
The president greeted reports with a broad grin. Then he became solemn as he said:
Russia has just declared war on Japan. That is all."

The Moscow radio was heard to announce that the declaration is effective as of August 9. The disclosure that the Soviet Union at last had pitted its enormous might alongside Britain and the United States against the Pacific enemy had not been unexpected.

Walla Walla, Wash., Wednesday, August 8, 1945
Pictures Show Ruins
Due to Single Bomb
Equaled Huge Raid
GUAM. (AP)—The obliterating blast of a single atomic bomb dropped by a lone Superfort destroyed 60 per cent of the important Japanese city of Hiroshima and Wednesday Tokyo admitted that practically nothing escaped death in its scorching path.
Those outdoors burned to death, while those indoors were killed by indescribable pressure and heat," reported Tokyo. It said the city as in "disastrous ruin" and that houses and buildings were "crushed."
Terrific Blast
Of New Bomb
Is Reported
Almost All Living Things
Killed, Radio Tokyo Says
In Broadcast Describin
Effects of Atomic Bomb
SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—Hiroshima is completely destroyed and the dead are too numerous to be counted, Radio Tokyo declared Wednesday and claimed that use of the atomic bomb was a. violation of international law.
Practically all living things—human and animal — were "literally, seared to death" by the new weapon loosed against the industrial and military city Monday, admitted an enemy broadcast to America monitored by the federal communications commission.
In a later broadcast to Europe in French, Tokyo referred to Hiroshima as an "open city" although it was known to be a quartermaster depot and important garrison town. It branded "attack by such means against open towns and defenseless citizens unforgivable actions."
The enemy radio quoted "authorized quarters in Tokyo" as contending that international law forbids belligerent nations "unlimited choice in the means by which to destroy their opponents."
Hit Wide Area
"The destructive power of this new bomb spreads over a large area," said Tokyo radio. "People who were outdoors were burned alive by high temperature while those who were indoors were crushed by falling buildings.

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