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Vital Center
Hit in Second Use of Bomb



Bomb Dropped at Noon, Nine Hours After Russians
Entered War Against Japan—Nagasaki Probably.More Vulnerable Than Hiroshima

GUAM, Aug. 9—(A.P.)—The world's most destructive force the atomic bomb—was used for the second time against Japan today, striking the important Kyushu island city of Nagasaki with observed "good results.
More than one bomb may have been dropped m this second attack and it might have been of a different size than the first one which destroyed 60 per cent of Hiroshima.
The carefully worded communique said only that the second use of the Atomic bomb had occurred, leaving to speculation all other details.


Fighting At
Two Points

Russian Warplanes Bomb Korea and Northern Manchuria
as Soviet Troops Pour Across Western
and Eastern Frontiers of Japan's First
Conquest in Long Chinese War

Arrows on me arc (1) indicate where Russian troops
today invaded Manchuria. Arrows from Vladivostok
(2) show routes of possible Soviet air raids.


LONDON, AUG. 9—(C.P.)—Russian troops have crossed the Manchurian border on a wide front, the Moscow radio announced today.

Moscow was quoting from a Soviet communique, the first since Russia went to war with Japan last midnight. The Russians crossed Manchuria's northern border m the area of Transbaikalia, and at the northeastern tip of the country in the area of Khabarovsk, the communique said.


The Red army over-ran deep Japanese concrete defence belts, crossing both the Amur and Ussuri rivers and capturing a number of important frontier towns. Advances up to 14 miles were made in the invasion over the frontier of Japan's empire.

The Russians struck in a pincers action apparently intended to trap the cream of the Japanese land forces, the Kwantung army in Manchuria. The Red army crossed the frontier on the east from the maritime provinces, and on the west from the area of Trans-Baikalia and Outer Mongolia.



Reaction To
Russia's War

(AP) — Japan's first recorded wireless reaction to Russia's war declaration was a brief factual, announcement of that action by the Dome! agency in an English language transmission to Europe.

The Domei account, broadcast five hours and 55 minutes after the Moscow announcement, reported: "Flash! Flash! Tokyo. Aug. 9. —
Tass news agency announced late Iast night that Foreign Commissar Vyacheslav Molotov communicated to Naotake Sato, Japanese ambassador to Russia, that the Soviet Union will consider itself in a state of war with Japan from Thursday Aug. 9, according to the Moscow radio recorded here this morning.'


LONDON, Aug. 9.-— (CP) — Prime Minister Attlee declared last night that Great Britain welcomed "this great decision of Soviet Russia" to enter the war against Japan.

Text of the prime minister's announcement:

We in Great Britain have fully appreciated and understood the tremendous sacrifice and strain imposed on Russia by her heroic campaign against Nazi Germany and we have always had confidence that as soon as victory had been won in the west, Russia would take her stand with her Allies against the enemy on the eastern front.

The unconditional surrender of Germany has now made possible the deployment of the forces of the U.SS.R. against the last of the aggressors.

The declaration of war made today by the U.S.S.R. upon Japan if proof of the solidarity that exists between the principal Allies and should shorten the struggle and establish conditions which will allow a general peace to be brought about.We welcome this great decision of Soviet Russia.


State Secretary Byrnes said Wednesday there is "still time—but little time—for the Japanese to save themselves from the destruction which threatens them."

Allies Took Nazi
Atomic Bomb Test
Laboratory Intact

KIEL, Germany, Aug. 9—(AP)—The largest heavy water plant in Germany, where Nazi scientist* were working feverishly to perfect an atomic bomb, was captured almost intact by the allies three months ago in a heavily-wooded section four miles from here.

British technicians with the aid of German workers probed every corner. They undoubtedly found valuable information which could possibly have been used to speed the perfection of the Allied atom bomb.

It can be disclosed now that the Allies were planning a mass parachute attack on Kiel ns early ns last March, but the dangerous plan was cancelled when the Rhine was crossed successfully.


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