Thursday, August 22, 2013




Gives Nips
Full Orders
Ships Told to Stay
at Present Location;
Subs to Surface

MANILA, Thursday, Aug.---23. (UP) General Douglas MacArthur announced early today that the surrender of Japan will be signed aboard the battleship Missouri in Tokyo bay on August 31, MacArthur announced the detailed plans for the occupation of Japan, following in general the outline already broadcast by Radio Tokyo.

He revealed that all Japanese shipping had been ordered to remain at its present location in preparation for surrender to the Allies. Japanese submarines were ordered to remain surfaced and fly a black flag, -
Aircraft Grounded
The first American occupation troops will be flown into the Atsugi airdrome in the western outskirts of Tokyo on Sunday, August 26. On Tuesday naval and marine forces will land in the vicinity of the Yokosaka naval  base.


Jap set Atomic Raid Casualties at 500,000

SAX FRANCISCO, Aug. 22. (UP.)— Japanese broadcasts today said atomic bomb raids on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagaski had cost nearly half a million "casualites and sufferers" from leveled buildings within a radius up to 10 miles.

Radio Tokyo, in broadcasts recorded by United Press, said effects of the bomb were "monstrous,"

The second atomic bomb dropped August 9 on Nagasaki took a toll of "more than 10,000 persons killed, more than 20,000 wounded and more than 90,000 rendered homeless in the city," Tokyo said."
Many Die Daily
"Furthermore many persons are dying daily from burns sustained during the course of the raids," a Tokyo propaganda broadcast said.
It followed a few hours after a technical report by Sutezo Torii, technician for Japanese defense general headquarters, who said it was impossible to obtain shelter behind solid buildings within the bomb's effective range.

More than 60,000 were killed in Hiroshima August 6, Tokyo said, and "the number of dead are mounting as many of those who received burns cannot survive their wounds because of the effects the atomic bomb produce on the human body.
Bomb's After Effects
Even those who. received minor burns," one broadcast asserted, "looked quite healthy at first, only to weaken after a few days for some unknown reason and frequently die. "Since the explosion of the atomic bomb affected an area 30 kilometers in diameter and practically all houses in this area were either blown up, knocked down or reduced by fire, it is difficult to count all the dead bodies, many of which burned under collapsed "buildings.

One hundred thousand were wounded and .200,000; "rendered homeless" at Hiroshima, where the world's first atomic bomb dropped in a parachute cradle to explode .a terrific whirlpool of energy whose immediate effects were felt for 10 minutes.



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