Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 11, 1945; Decision Awaited on Peace Proposal:



Surrender Plea Studied;
Russia May Disapprove

WASHINGTON, Aug. 10—'(AP) — Japan sued formally for peace today but qualified unconditional surrender in an effort to keep the emperor enthroned. There was no immediate rush to accept her plea whole.

Allied leaders took the enemy's cry of quits under joint consideration even before it was received in official form late today through the Swiss government. But a number of senators and some strategically placed officials saw in the stipulation on the emperor's sovereignty something less than the unconditional surrender which the Allies have demanded.
There was no comment of that nature which could be traced back to President Truman or Secretary of State Byrnes. However, officialdom paid close attention to on indication that Russia saw the enemy proposal in that light and did not like it.


Japs Given Respite
from Air Sea, Blows

GUAM, Saturday, Aug. 11—(AP)—Air and sea blows, which have hammered Japan incessantly for weeks, were halted today while Allied nations considered the Nipponese surrender offer.

General Spaatz' headquarters made the bare announcement that Superfortresses "will not fly today," and the Navy said the Third' Fleet was inactive—not the result of Japan s announced willingness to surrender, but according to an advance plan.

Red Columns
Smash Ahead
In Manchuria

LONDON, Aug. 10 —(AP)—Russian mobile columns ripped 106 miles into Japan's stolen Manchurian empire today in a spectacular sweep from the west along the Chinese eastern railroad, the Soviet high command said tonight.

Four mighty Soviet forces were pouring in growing masses across the 2.000-mile Russo - Manchurian frontier from Outer Mongolia to the border area 75 miles northwest of the great Russian port of Vladivostok. Moscow's second Japanese war communique said.

Tokyo said the huge Russian drive also had invaded the Japanese conquered land of Korea and had smashed into the southern half of Sakhalin (Karafuto) island, which lies only 30 miles from the northernmost island—Hokkaido — of the Japanese homeland.


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