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U.S. Chief Gives Hirohito Chance to Settle
Arrangements at Home for Surrender;
'Cease Fire' Envoys to Fronts Announced

MANILA, Friday, Aug. 17.—(AP)—General MacArthur, replying to the latest Japanese note, said the messages had "been received and are satisfactory."

MacArthur's reply meant an extension of time for the Japanese to send emissaries to Manila to arrange capitulation.

The general also gave assurance that every possible precaution would be taken to insure the safety of "the planes bearing the Japanese representatives on their missions."

This presumably referred to the junkets of imperial house

members to the battlefronts to notify commanders of the Emperor's ''cease fire" order.

General MacArthur directed the Japanese to notify him. as soon as possible the proposed date of the flight of the Nipponese representatives to Manila. He gave no deadline for this flight, indicating his concurrence in the necessity of imperial representatives insuring the cessation of hostilities before coming here.

3 000 Pol ice, M. P.'s
Struggle to Smash
Victory Celebration

The 12th Naval District today cancelled all leaves for its personnel after a destructive riot in San Francisco,

where- mob violence, vandalism, assault and drunkenness rampaged uncontrolled for five hours

last night and early today. The casualties totaled three dead and 468 injured.

Oakland figured less spectacularly the picture, with one near riot the only mar in. an otherwise orderly, if enthusiastic third-night celebration.

The order issued by Hear Admiral Carleton H. Wright, commandant of the 12th Naval District, read: "Stations

within 300 miles of San Francisco will grant no liberty until further order." It applies to Navy. Marine Corp

and Coast Guard personnel.




Lifting of Censorship Reveals Kern Area
Escapes Damage From Japanese Air Weapon

At least 10 death-dealing Japanese balloon bombs have swept through Kern county skies to menace valley residents with their lethal cargoes before exploding harmlessly in mountain and desert wastelands, it Avas revealed today unofficially, as the veil of wartime censorship was swept aside by victory.

While military authorities here, still chary of divulging closely - guarded intelligence reports, said no "official" reports had been received of bomb landings in the county, statements of city and county officials indicated Kern county may have been turned into a battleground by the desperate Nipponese during the past six months.
Balloons Sighted
Chief of Police Robert C. Knight revealed today "at least 10" of the hydrogen-filled paper balloons released in the Japanese home islands had been sighted over the county area. No damage was reported here.

Chiang Orders Japs
to Lay Down Arms

LONDON,. Aug. 16. (U.P.) Generalissimo- Chiang Kai-shek today directed Lieutenant-General Yusuji Okamura, commander of Japanese forces in China, to proceed to Yushan. eastern Kiaagsi, immediately and surrender, British Broadcasting Corporation reported according to a Chungking broadcast.

Chiang directed Okamura to surrender, to General Ho Ying, commander of Chinese land forces.

(An earlier Chungking broadcast recorded by Fede Communications Commission monitors said Okamura was delaying his surrender "awaiting more detailed instructions,")





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