Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 1944; Patton Begins "Winter Offense"


Charleston, West Virginia, Sunday Morning, November 12,1944

Patton's, Forces
Advance 5 Miles
Enemy Claims Yank-Armor
Engaged Full-Force'
American Infantry and amor-drew the.arc of steel threatening to envelop 'Metz, one of Europe's mightiest bastions, fully two thirds of the way "around that Nazi-held French fortress today,
with less than 10 miles "separating the two flanking: forces.
The U. S. 3rd army smashed ahead five miles, crossing rivers, rail-lines and highways, to tighten the noose around Metz. Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., who celebrated, his 59th birthday and Armistice Day with the most sweeping advances of' his new winter offensive, has sent elements of at least eight divisions into the line since the drive started four days ago.
Hinges of two assaults swinging around. Metz from both sides were driven to within five miles of the citadel due south and within four and one-half miles on the opposite side. The forces on the southern hinge southeast of Metz—Including all or part of six divisions—continued to smash recklessly ahead, swinging far to the east and increasing the threat of complete encirclement
of Metz.

Nips seek to Cut
West Letye Trap
8,000  Japanese-; Said; Lost -
In Reinforcing' Effort' Gen. MacARTHUR'S: HEAD-
QUARTERS, Philippines, NOV. 12 (Sunday)—(AP)—
Carrier planes of the U. S. 3d fleet destroyed an entire Japanese convoy of four,  transports and six destroyers in  Ormoc bay today, smashing the second Nipponese ' attempt in three days ,to reinforce .their Leyte Island army.
Only remnants of an estimated  8 000 fresh enemy troops reached shore, after a lashing dawn battle
The -Japanese: lost', 13 destroyer and seven transports, plus thousands of men, In their attempts today and last Thursday and Friday to land reinforcements.''
Gen. Tomoyukl-Yamashitta,  new: 'Japanese :•' commander chosen westerns Leyte' as; a main battle, ground: for his supreme effort to crush our liberating forces, Gen. Douglas 'MacArthur said in today's communique.

2000 Planes Hit Reich in Night Raid
LONDON, Nov. 12

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