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November 6, 1944;


Charleston, West Virginia, Monday Morning, November 6, 1944

Superforts Bomb
Sumatra Refinery,
Navy, Repairs' Installation,
Enemy Ship Struck
B-29 Superfortresses- thundered a mighty double strike at Japanese power, today,  hitting: Singapore naval installations and the second' biggest airplane "fuel resource in' the-'Far East"
A communique from the 20th air force which flies the air giants on their" world-wide. missions, called bombing results "good to excellent1, both at the.. former bulwark  of British-sea power" on the tip' of' the Malay peninsula, and at the the north coast of Sumatra.
The primary blow in "substantial force": was against, dockyard and repair facilities at Singapore, which the  Japanese are understood  to have
converted into the chief base of their navy in the south.
Strike Seeks Jap "Cripples
The presumption was strong .that a main purpose of the Singapore attack was to hamper the refitting' o Nipponese warships which may have escaped in that direction from 'the great naval battles in the Philippine waters.

American Cannon
Rake Ormac Area
U.S. Columns Closing Fast
For Show-Down Battle
Philippines, Nov. 6 (Monday)—AP—
Elements of the American 24th division have captured Plnamopoan, key communications center on Leyte Island's northwest coast, and are advancing south at the main road toward Ormoc, headquarters, announced today.
The town was taken alter the 24th launched a simultaneous land and sea assault Pinumopoan Is the northern anchor at the only highway through a narrow valley leading toward Ormoc, 20 miles southward.
American artillery has been placed forward, the communique reported, "and enemy, positions throughout the Ormoc sector are
now under Its fire."

Two Allied Armies
Reach Maas River
1st Regains Part of Loss
lit Slugging Advance
^LONDON. Nov. 5.— AP-
Field Marshal Sir Bernard L. Montgomery launched a new –assault today • near. . Arnhem— scene of the gallant British airborne division's stand — and dropped "sabotage parachutists" behind the vital Arnhem bridge, Berlin radio declared tonight.
This unconfirmed report came as two Allied armies punched in to the Moas river to the southwest on a 40-mile front, reaching the river at two points, and virtually ending the bloody battle to clear Antwerp harbor as a supply springboard for offensive into Germany. Only the isolated pockets of Naizs remained on Walcherecn Island, and the big guns there were silenced. Save for mine-sweeping, the winter route to Antwerp had been opened.
There was no Allied word on any operation* at Arnhem. a city in the Neder Rhine guarding the northern approach to the Reich.
Nazis Claim Success
Berlin said Montgomery's force, attacked the Germans Arnhem bridgehead under heavy aerial support.
The broadcast declared all the parachutists dropped to disrupt German communications had been killed or captured. German strength at Arnhem recently was estimated at five divisions and some armor.

Yanks Destroy Base
Before Jap Advance
By Clyde A. Farnsworth "
KWEILIN, China. Oct. 28.—(Delayed)—(UP)—
The principal., advanced base for U. S. air power In. the Orient blew up tonight in  a series of mighty explosions, touched off by Americans pulling
out of Kwellin ahead of the oncoming Japanese.
Brig. Gen. Clinton O. Vincent, commander of the 14th air force's eastern composite wing, gave the order to set the fuses after  a fighter pilot reported 2,000 Japanese cavalrymen were bearing down on this city in northeastern Kwangsi province and were- but 15 miles to the east.
Except for the last-minute delivery of arms to the Chinese, Kwellin, and occasional staging of emergency landings for fighters and bombers, Yangtang airfield near Kwellin had been unused since mid-September. Buried in the field were (six ???) tons of bombs, ready for the demolition work.
These preparations had been made since the night of Sept. 16, when secondary installations of the base — runways, taxiways dumps and- buildings at Ehrtant and (Liechlachen ???) and the adjacent fighter- strip at Wangtang—were destroyed.
The code word "Marblehead" the signal to demolish the field was received in the communications cave overlooking the Yangtang strip.

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