Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27, 1944; Yanks Reach Hurtgen:



Yanks Reach
Hurtgen, At
forest Edge
{London —(AP)—
Americans of the First army advanced a mile today and captured Frenz, 14 miles inside Germany and 25 miles short of Cologne, while men of the Third extended their front inside the Reich to 19 miles at the western fringe of the industrial Saarland. Lt. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges' troops also drove into Hurtgen at the edge of the deadly forest by that name. German resistance was strong; the enemy's cannon and antitank fire was especially heavy. The weather was relatively clear following overwhelming Allied air power to support the infantry and churning tank;. Hurtgcn is 27 miles southwest of Cologne.

 Pierce Maglnot Line

Lt. Gen. George S. Patton's Third army fought through Maginot line fortresses on a sector southeast of the new penetration into Germany, moving within four miles of the Saar border.
Seventh army troops broadened the Strasbourg corridor to almost 15 miles and spilled through the Saales pass to open a new route to the French city at the
Rhine. They were within eight miles of still another clean break through ,the Vosges mountains in the Saint Marie pass east of St. Die.
Heavy fighting continued in the Aachen sector where assault-Sams of the U. S. First and Ninth armies closed in yard-by-yard upon the Germans' Roer
river line from Julich to Duren, nine miles to the southeast. Improving weather permitted air support.

Superforts From Saipan
And India Hit Japanese
in Twin Daylight Raids
(Associated Press War Editor)
Sizeable squadrons of Superforts bombed Tokyo and Thailand during daylight today in an unprecedented B29 double strike as reports on other widely scattered American air raids said 30 Japanese ships, ranging from a cruiser to luggers, were sunk and 18 others damaged.
The 21st bomber command sent B29s from Saipan in their second raid in four days against Tokyo war industries while the 20th bomber command hurled "a substantial force" of Superforts from India bases at strategic targets in Bangkok, capital of Thailand. It was the first coordinated action of the two B29 commands.
Weather Unfavorable
A Japanese imperial communique said about 40 Superforts from Saipan raided Tokyo and other industrial areas of Honshu island to the west and south for
more than an hour and a hair.
The big bombers came over at II p. m. (Tokyo time). Bombardier.? were handicapped by a j drizzling vain and law-hanging clouds, Japanese propagandists
said. They reiterated their customary claim that only slight damage was done..

Japs Say Saipan
B-29 Base Raided
Domei news agency reported today that long range Japanese planes- counterattacked the U. S. B29 base on Saipan island, setting fire to several of the giant bombers on the ground.

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