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November 2, 1944; CHINA, Chang Kai-Chek Refused Whit House Ultimatum:


Centralia, Washington, Thursday, November 2, 1944

Kurile Islands
Bombed Again
By Americans
Tokyo Radio Reports Tanks Are Training To Meet Expected Landing by Yanks on Northern Shores of Nippon
By Associated Press Japanese tanks are training to meet an expected American landing on the northern shores of japan, Tokyo radio reported
today in the wake of another bombing raid on the Kurile islands, stepping stones from the- Aleutians to Nippon.
The broadcast followed an official Nipponese statement the reported flight of Superforts over Tokyo Wednesday "was confined to reconnoitering".
In the Philippines, which Pres. Sergio Osmena predicted would be completely freed within a few months," American ground forces neared a Junction at Carlgara, on the Nipponese escape route and possible potential site of a Japanese stand.
Capitalize on Stilwell
Tokyo radio, capitalizing on the recall of Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell, invited Generalissimo Chiang Kaishek to desert his allies and join Japan. Later broadcasts said fierce resistance was expected from Chinese who have entrenched themselves in "hastily constructed pillboxes made by smashing down the city walls" of Kweliin, virtually surrounded major southeastern Chinese stronghold'.

Stilwell sent his farewell congratulations to Maj. Gen. Clair L. Chennault, whose 14th U. S. Air Force, operating "under discouraging conditions," has cut down the Japanese air arm in China to the vanishing point.
Stilwell also" sent his best wishes for success to Adm. Lord Louis Mountbatten, under whose Southeast Asia command he also operated.

Ousted from
Antwerp Area
All But Northern Outskirts of
Villissingen Cleared of Nazis
as Reds Continue Drive
Through Hungary
LONDON, Nov. 20.— (AP) —
Eighth air force fighters shot down more than 117 German planes today, setting a new record.
Final figures are not complete, but the day's total is well over the previous high mark of 117
fighters shot down on Sept. 11, it was announced officially.
By Associated Press
British and Canadians driving to clear Antwerp's port facilities threw the Germans out of all but the northern outskirts of Vlissingen (Flushing), main
Walcheren, island city, today. In the east, the lightning Red army drive through Hungary, by German report, was only 28 miles from the outskirts of
Budapest. The German high command also admitted British and partisan troops had | cleared 1 00 miles of the Yugoslav Dalmatian' coast, including
the major harbors of Split, Metkovic and Dubrovnik (Ragusa).

Nelson Going
Back to China
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. — (AP) —
President Roosevelt today directed Donald M. Nelson to return to China at "the earliest possible date" to organize a Chinese war production board. :
After a long conference between Nelson and the president, the White House Issued a statement which said:
"As the president's personal representative, Mr. Nelson  will continue his work with the generalissimo (Chiang Kai-Shek) on measures aimed at strengthening the Chinese war effort, and notably In organizing a war production board to increase the output of China's war industries."
The announcement said Nelson's return to China had been urged by the generalissimo.
Today's White House visit was Nelson's first since Mr. Roosevelt announced the recall of General Joseph W. Stilwell because of what he later described as a clash in personalities with Chiang, and the resignation of Ambassador Clarence E. Gauss. Stilwell was -chief of the Burma-China-India command..
White House on Spot
MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 2. — (AP) -
Rep. Walter H. Judd Rep.-Minn.) declared in a statement today General Joseph W. Stilwell was relieved as American commander In the Far East because Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Sheck refuse to accept a White House ultimatum, delivered by Stilwell, demanding that Stilwell
be made commander of all of China's armies.
Judd said the ultimatum was issued over the head of the United States war department and demanded that Stilwell be named as over-all commander in China, with military authority even over Chiang himself, and threatened withdrawal of United States military support unless this was done.
The congressman said Chiang ''blew up" and said In substance. Then the United States will have to withdraw Its support."
President Roosevelt thus was put in a position of having to withdraw the United States from the war against Japan in China or withdraw Stilwell, said Judd.
"Stilwell didn’t make the mistake," Judd said. "He was merely the goat of personal government in Washington. We had to back down from an impossible position, into which we should never have put ourselves.

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