Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sep. 1, 1941(For Review) WAR IN EUROPE::



Germany and Poland are waging an undeclared war. At noon today an official announcement said 'the Nazi air force had gone into action over Polish territory and that the German army was, "counterattacking" all along the German-Polish frontier. (Warsaw, was among several Polish cities that were bombed.)
German land forces, the announcement said, were determined to break all resistance. , •
The official statement that war was on came shortly after Fuehrer Hitler left the Reichstag amid cheers for his declaration that he would enforce a Polish settlement or die fighting in the army gray uniform he wore.

Late War Bulletins
The army high command issued a communique at 10:45 a. m. (CST) which said the German army which advanced on Poland from East Prussia is "deep in Polish territory" and that the airforce is "controlling Polish air."
(Passed through British censorship)— Reuters, British news agency, said today that Poles were reported barricaded in the Danzig post office, holding out against the Germans, but that Nazis expected to occupy the building late this afternoon.,
London—(AP)—(Passed through British censorship)—
Reuters, British news agency said today a correspondent for Havas, French agency, at Warsaw- reported seven German planes were shot down and a
German armored train captured by the Poles.
London—(AP)—(Passed by the British. censorship)
The house of commons today approved a'bill-providing $210,000,000 to prosecute war, for defense, and for maintenance of public order.
Warning air raid sirens howled through Berlin tonight, announcing the advance of enemy warplanes. The populace immediately rushed to cellars and other protective shelters.
Paris —(AP)—
The French government tonight announced that an -ultimatum demanding that Germany "immediately stop all aggressive actions and withdraw troops
from; Poland" would be handed the German government at once.
Adolf Hitler sent President Roosevelt today his reply to the president's appeal for peace-last week. The German embassy-forwarded it to the state department
this morning and the department was expected to make it public shortly. A. well-informed' person described the reply as being "very positive."
Ottawa;—(Canadian Press)—T
he Canadian government today placed all militia and naval and .air forces of –the dominion, on an active basis under proclamation of the war measures act of 1914.
London—(AP)—(Passed through British censorship)
The ministry of transport today took over British railroads.
The Canadian government today summoned; parliament to meet Sept. 7 to consider Canada's role in the European crisis.

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